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Welcome to AerialYo, the website of Aerial Yoga Youngstown and Eos Whole Fitness.
We are the Youngstown area's first Aerial Yoga Studio offering sanctuary, safety and some serious fun!

What is Aerial Yoga?

     Aerial Yoga is simply Yoga using a silk hammock as a functional prop. The hammock is a useful tool which improves flexibility, joint mobility, strength, body awareness and alignment.

    Aerial Yoga is a very safe form of inversion therapy that reduces spinal compression. It creates space between the vertebral discs, allows the daily effects of gravity to be addressed, increases circulation, realigns both the body and mind, and brings a freedom hard to find elsewhere in a fitness class.

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      "Couldn't wait to tell you... what were my 'skinny' pants from this past spring are now too big! Thank you for reshaping my entire body! Hugs and have a wonderful day!"

- Michelle G., Aerial Yoga Student

Daytime Classes Available
(Reservations via MindBody at are recommended for Aerial Yoga classes in particular; space is limited.)

In the news:

Written by one of our own students:
Ten Things I learned about me from Aerial Yoga - Yoganonymous, by Dr. Jamie Marich

Is Aerial Yoga safe?

     Yes, indeed. Aerial Yoga is very safe, especially with a versed teacher and some simple guidance.

     The silks themselves can support 2,000 dynamic pounds and the hardware, exponentially more.

     Eos’ Aerial Yoga Instructor, Jennifer R Neal, was professionally trained by the founder of Aerial Yoga herself, Jayne Bernasconi, 500RYT, in the Aerial Yoga, BT methodology. Jennifer is also a certified Group Exercise, Yoga, and Pilates instructor with years of experience in Belly Dance, Personal Training, Aromatherapy, Reiki and holistic health.

     There is a definitive focus at Eos / Aerial Yoga Youngstown on safety first and safety always in every type of class and aerial yoga is no different. Students are encouraged to work gradually with instruction and supervision. As with any yoga practice, progressing at your own pace is highly encouraged and supported. "Newbies" are very common in all of our "Aerial Yoga - All Levels" classes so don't hesitate to get this experience simply because you've never done it before.

    Arrive 15 minutes early for your first class and have your silk adjusted for your height. You will be able to see the instructor at all times and hands on adjustments are always available should you need them.


Who is Aerial Yoga for?

    Nearly everyone, regardless of age, sex, or size.*

It is unnecessary to have previous Yoga experience (however yoga experience is always beneficial in any physical practice). Breathing is still central to the physical work just as it is in a grounded practice and as such, breath work will be addressed in each class.

     * Some upper body (core and arm) strength is helpful and is inherently built over time in the classes. If you can carry your groceries, you have the strength to start.
     * People with heart disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma, or those who are pregnant should consult their doctors first before trying inversion, inversions not being the only facet of Aerial Yoga, but being a part of the experience.


Beside the obvious fun & spinal decompression, what does it offer?

     Aerial Yoga can assist students in pose exploration, performing some poses perhaps not currently achievable in a grounded practice, and deepening an understanding of the principles of the grounded asanas.

     Like other forms of Yoga, Aerial Yoga helps to fight fatigue, anxiety, and depression. These benefits cannot be overstated. Aerial Yoga in particular can be an aid to releasing deep seated fears in a safe environment and can bring mental and emotional clarity as well as physical alignment and rehabilitation. All of these yogic benefits are often reported to be amplified with an Aerial practice.

     Deeper stretches, full extensions, and a restorative effect (especially in the womb-like asana, “cocoon”) are some of the highlights. Additionally, personalities who often have trouble "getting into regular yoga" can find the benefits of yoga in this practice easier for various reasons.

You can register and reserve at MindBodyOnline or get the MindBody Connect app
(Reservations via MindBody at Eos Whole Fitness are recommended for aerial classes in particular as space is limited.)

NOTE: Doors lock at the start of all yoga classes.
Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get a spot adjusted for your height and settle in.

More about Aerial Yoga:
General info from TwistedMonkeyYoga.com


To get the updated schedule, and to reserve spots in Aerial Yoga or FlyBelli classes especially, please register and reserve at MindBodyOnline or get the MindBody Connect app. Please be aware that there is a 24 hour canellation policy for all classes which utilize the silks. The doors also lock at start time for all Yoga classes. Arrive for aerial classes 10-15 minutes in advance, please.


    What to Wear & What to Bring:
  • Your yoga mat although we have some here you can borrow as well.

  • Bare feet are preferred and easiest for all yoga classes although if you prefer socks, please use grip socks to prevent sliding on the mats and fabric. No shoes are worn in the studio space.
    Cubbies are provided so you can store your things while participating in classes.

  • Wear snug fitting, comfortable clothing, a shirt that covers your underarms completely, and pants that cover the backs of your knees and your groin. Think "soft and fitted".

  • Do not use hand lotion before class, please. It causes slips and attracts dirt to the fabric.

  • Do not wear jewelry, belts, or clothing with zippers or buttons, gems, or anything that could potentially snag the fabric or get caught and create a safety hazard. For safety and maintenance reasons, PLEASE REMOVE ALL JEWELRY.
  • Avoid shorts or very baggy clothing.

  • Avoid eating or drinking acidic (i.e.: a liter of coffee on an empty stomach) liquids an hour prior to class and keep meals light but complete (your basic protein, carbs, sugar; i.e.: yogurt with fruit and nuts, or oatmeal), especially two hours prior to class time. If you are coming to a morning class, please do eat something light first.

  • Please observe good personal hygiene in consideration for the next student using the hammock. Please have reasonably clean feet before working on the mats or hammocks. We usually have baby wipes available to students in the bathroom.

  • The studio is open 15 minutes prior to class time. All yoga classes start on schedule and exterior doors are locked to minimize distractions for participating students.

Email for more info!!! or Text Jenn 330.518.4402

Hope to see you soon!