Whether she’s 19 or 95... Belly Dance is something not only a Bride-To-Be but EVERY WOMAN can thoroughly enjoy.

Whether it’s just the beginning to your extravaganza or the whole shebang, a BelliParty™ is sure to be your “Party of the Year”!

Trust us, if you are looking to be the “Hostess with the Most-est” or the “Best Girl Friend a Bride could have”, you have certainly come to the right place!

Here’s how it works:
Studio - Party Room in Youngstown, Ohio

  • You provide 5-50 interested ladies and we provide the space and some seriously interactive, educational, HIGHLY entertaining good times! We can also arrange to do this in your venue or home with advance notice. Please inquire directly with Jennifer at 330.518.4402.
  • You can arrange your own catering and we’ll make space for it or bring in your own snacks and drinks and we’ll set you up with a linen covered folding buffet table or two. We can also handle arranging catering for you.

    The Schedule works like this:  

    o We’ll start off your evening or afternoon with a meet and greet and a general “relax into the space” period so you can grab some food and a drink and say hello to your friends, new and old.
    o Next, we’ll talk a little bit about the Origins & History of Belly Dance – you might be surprised by what you learn (after all, this type of dance was originally done by women for women, not necessarily for men, as is commonly thought currently, but then we digress).
    o We’ll adorn each one of you with your own personal zills (finger cymbals) if chosen, and a beautiful, jingly, sexy hip scarf (there isn’t a woman in this world that doesn’t look fabulous in a hip scarf! - Brides-To-Be will be adorned in White, of course, and a veil to match in case she wants to take it on her honeymoon!).
    o We’ll have a complete introductory belly dance lesson so you are familiar with some of the isolations and moves and then you will be taught a short, one-minute choreography which you can take with you to use on the dance floor... or in the bedroom if you have a special someone who might appreciate it... or in your living room all by yourself, for that matter! It’s all good and it’s ALL beautiful!

    o We’ll take a little break and have some open time for drinking, eating, and dancing time and if your crowd is compelled, a male belly dancer can be hired to come in for a perfect finish to your event (a traditional, respectful, folkloric dancer, not a stripper! Trust me ladies, this is the best!) … Alternatively, you can add your own “informal”, additional entertainment to the mix (*with advance notice and scheduling).

Here’s what it costs:

2 Hr BelliParty - $175 + $10 to $30 per invitee over the inital five included – This covers the take-home hip scarves, optional zills and optional veils (and a special set for the bride if this is a Bachelorette Event)

You can co-arrange amongst your friends to each pay their own Invitee Fee and a portion of the Party Cost, or bank roll the whole celebration yourself. It’s entirely up to you!

NOTE: Catering, Additional Dancers - Male or Female, Live Music, & Prizes for Games are at an additional cost.



Email for more info!!!

Hope to see you soon!