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“Belly Dance” is a form of dance with ancient roots and a timeless edge. It crosses all boundaries - age, race, religion, size, shape, even sex.

While both seductive and celebratory, this dance actually grew out of the tribal dances handed down from woman to woman through the generations for strength training, fertility and birth preparation, and it has even been used as a form of prayer.

To this day, it remains an extremely open and ever-evolving art form. The health benefits are immense and the joy you will find while practicing this sacred movement is priceless. Come learn what this “Dance of the Core” is all about!


What you can expect from your Belly Dance Classes:

  • Classes are held in several "Levels", each six (sometimes extended to twelve) weeks long. You are encouraged to attend 2 times per week (or everyday if you are a Studio Member) though we offer a price to attend once per week.
  • You will get a basic history and interpretation of this beautiful style of dance as well as an introduction to the different styles.
  • Each class is 60 minutes and run by a certified group exercise instructor.
  • A short but sweet choreography.
  • A ton of fun, a smaller waistline, a bunch of new friends, and a healthier heart...
www.shira.net   What to Wear & What to Bring:
  • Socks or bare feet are preferred and easiest. Flat, soft-soled shoes are acceptable as well if absolutely necessary.
  • A yoga mat or blanket isn't essential but very nice to have for warm up and cool down periods. We have mats available to borrow.
  • Comfortable clothing that not only allows you to move easily both in yoga and dance but allows you and your instructor to see your core, legs, and arms is essential.
        Cotton yoga or sweat pants/shorts and tank tops with sweatshirts usually function best.
    Hip scarves are available for sale or you can bring your own favorite from home.

    Email for more info!!!

Hope to see you soon!